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Former After School member Lizzy, booked for drunk driving incident

Former After School member Park Soo Young (Lizzy) has been booked for driving under the influence.

According to her agency Celltrion Entertainment and the Seoul Gangnam Police Station on May 19, Park Soo Young was booked without detention on the charge of violating the Road Traffic Act which prohibits driving while intoxicated. She admitted to the charge when questioned by the police.

On May 18 at approximately 10 p.m. KST, Park Soo Young was driving in the neighborhood of Cheongdam in Seoul’s Gangnam District when she ran into a taxi. No injuries resulted from the accident.

Her blood alcohol content at the time of the accident was at a level that will have her driver’s license revoked. cr

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1. Is she crazy? Why is she drunk and driving?

2. Good-bye

3. Drunk driving is unforgivable

4. Lizzy is adorable, but why did she do that?

5. Extremely disgusting

6. Drunk driving…? Why didn’t she call a replacement driver… I really don’t understand.. Why?;;;

7. Please die alone if you want to die

8. Why didn’t she call a replacement driver, why didn’t she take a taxi?

9. I remember Lizzy had a controversy about alcohol in the past… She’s better off staying away from alcohol

10. I’m disappointed, I used to like Lizzy

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