Former EXO Kris arrested and imprisoned in China + media confirm sex offender consent is not required for chemical castration

Article: Former EXO Kris “sexual assault of 8 people”, chemical castration after concluding his sentence?

Source: Chosun Ilbo

Former EXO Kris (Wu Yi Fan, 32) has been arrested and imprisoned for gang r*pe. 

According to Chinese media Sina Entertainment, Kris was officially arrested on the 15th and imprisoned in the Chaoyang Detention Center. He’s currently awaiting the court’s final sentence and when his sentencing term is confirmed, he will be transferred to a formal prison and imprisoned. 

Kris is accused of having sex with two women on July 1, 2018 and raping 3 women at his home between Nov and Dec 2020. It was also further revealed that he approached the women under the pretext of fan meetings. There are a total of 8 victims of his sexual assault, including minors. 

Kris was previously sentenced to 13 years in prison at the Beijing’s Chaoyang District People’s court in the first trial conducted in November last year. In China, rape is usually punished with 3-10 years in prison however Kris was given a heavier sentence. Local experts predict Kris will receive at least 5 years in prison in the final sentence. 

After concluding his sentence, he will be deported to Canada and possibly undergo chemical castration to suppress sexual desire and recidivism of sex offenders in accordance with Canada laws. This security measure is carried out without the consent of the person involved. 

  1. [+2,429, -228] <Exclusive> Kris, formerly of EXO, plans to join the Democratic Party after concluding his sentence and undergoing chemical castration.
  2. [+1,192, -12] Let’s introduce this in our country too!!
  3. [+84, -2] Ah, Canada is a really cool country to enforce such tough laws on criminals. It really incomprehensible to imagine sex criminals in our country that are even receiving monthly stipends for living expenses and police protection since they can’t move out like anyone else.
  4. [+70, -2] I really like Canada’s tough approach with their laws. Law reform is urgently needed in our country!
  5. [+52, -3] I’d like to recommend him for Democratic Ambassador..
  6. [+49, -0] Whoa! Canada is really such a cool country!
  7. [+40, -1] “Chemical castration of sex offenders is a security measure in Canada and is carried out without the consent of the person involved..” Canada is a really good country.
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  9. [+34, -5] Anything China is just dirty and irritating to hear now. 
  10. [+29, -0] In our country, police even have to seek consent from the murderer to release his mugshot pictures but in Canada they can chemically castrate sex offenders without their consent because they’re a nationalist dictatorship? 
  11. [+20, -0] In our country, once he concludes his sentence after his chemical castration he would be welcomed into the Democratic Party. 
  12. [+5, -0] Physical castration is a lot better than chemical castration..