Former EXO member Kris was arrested in China for r*pe charges – Knetizen

Former EXO member Kris, arrested in China for r*pe charges

Chinese police have arrested Kris Wu for s*xual assault investigations.

According to the Chaoyang district public security in Beijing on July 31st, Kris Wu was arrested for further investigation on his s*xual assault allegations. It announced, “In response to the accusations that Kris Wu has repeatedly exploited young women for s*x, the police has arrested Wu who has a Canadian nationality for further investigation on his r*pe allegations.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. I honestly hope he gets the death penalty

2. Also, the victims are minors.. He’s trash..

3. Wow.. I went to Weibo, the post got 9 million likes and nearly 300,000 comments

4. Korea seriously needs to stop raising Chinese idols

5. Death penalty! Death penalty! Death penalty!

6. Please stop including Chinese members in K-pop. Especially SM. It’s not the first time you got backstabbed

7. Wow.. Disgusting.. Thank you for leaving EXO;;

8. Seungri would have faced those charges if he were Chinese… Such a shame

9. China has strict penalties for s*x crimes against minors. Goodbye

10. People don’t change… Once garbage stays garbage.. Death penalty it is

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