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Article: “We knew it was rigged” ‘Produce 101’ trainee’s additional testimony

Source: Wikitree via Instagram

When asked if she was aware that the program was rigged, she replied, “Yes, I felt it really hard. While recording the show, I got the feeling that the staff were not interested in me. They were only recording specific people. Around season 3, all of the trainees were going around saying ‘this is rigged, it’ll probably be rigged again’. I doubt any of the Korean trainees went in with any hope that it’d be different.” 

Lee Insoo added, “The hidden camera clips were not an opportunity given to everyone. As it is an audition show, I expected everyone to be given the same opportunities but some weren’t given a chance at all. Bullying existed to the point where a physical fight almost broke out, and when we went to staff to ask for help, they came running in with cameras instead. Once the cameras were rolling, the fight fizzled out.” 

Another agency overstepped boundaries once they weren’t satisfied with how their trainee was being captured on camera and paid to swap all of the cameras out with wide angle lenses. 

1. [+347] They’re basically taking a jab at the trainees who got in because their parents bribed theirw ay in

2. [+285] Go Yoojin had quite a lot of screentime and was talented too so for her to have felt this way makes me wonder how the other trainees who got no screen time must’ve felt

3. [+89] It might be better to just live life as a normal person instead of a celebrity

4. [+71] If there’s ever a trainee who is found to have known about all the rigging and still participated, they need to be kicked out of the industry

5. [+44] Aren’t these competitions all absed off of money and connections anyway? ㅎㅎ I knew an unni who competed in Miss Korea and she said the same thing.

6. [+2] You’re naive if you think that a program that features trainees from all different agencies won’t have some form of corruption… 

7. [+1] Seriously… Go Yoojin’s really talented, too…

8. [+1] I remember she was my first pick way in the beginning of the show

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