Former SM Rookies’ Lami is going viral with her recent appearance

Have you guys seen SM rookies’ Lami’s Instagram?

Too pretty….

[+349, -88]

1. [+225, -25] They gave up a kid like her for Giselle…. Seriously, SM is on a decline

2. [+113, -10] Who said that she was going through an adverse change? She looks the same as before

3. [+106, -2] Seems like it was a mistake that she joined SM as a child actress, she joined SM and her career was cut off… She probably regrets it

4. [+81, -12] Lami-ah, let’s become an actress. Your face needs to be in the entertainment industry ㅠㅠ Her personality is also so sweet

5. [+79, -2] She looks this good even without being used to cameras.. Seriously pretty.. She’s totally part of the Yoona-line.. Please debut as an actress

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