Former U-KISS member Eli announces divorce from wife of 6 years ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Eli announces ‘divorce’ with wife Ji Yeon Soo

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+345] I’m sure they both worked ahrd on their marriage. Having gotten married myself, I realize that it’s no easy task. No one will know the true reason for their divorce other than those two. Not even parents and siblings can guess it.

2. [+36] What’s the point in announcing this?

3. [+36] So what? Who are they? 

4. [+34] Yeah but who’s Eli;; I bet Illaoi is more famous than this guy;;

5. [+10] Nugu?

6. [+8] And who.. is this?

7. [+4] (Didn’t another U-KISS member get a divorce too?)

8. [+5] And who cares

9. [+4] Didn’t he retire from the industry? Why is he making a public announcement?

10. [+3] I don’t know.. either of them…

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