French broadcast under controversy for comparing Black Pink and Twice ~ Netizen Buzz

Source: X Sports News via Nate

1. [+1,775, -186] It’s not even about which side has the better song, it can boil down to the fact that Black Pink can sing live and Twice can’t. That’s fact, no?

2. [+1,292, -128] Then ask them to sing a live performance under the same conditions ㅋ Let’s have Momo be the first up.

3. [+1,183, -156] But they’re right, why is this controversial?

4. [+111, -25] Even Black Pink is way better at dancing and has harder dance moves……….

5. [+102, -15] Honestly, Twice needs to practice their singing. Their live made me laugh out loud. They’re a dance team, not singers.

6. [+98, -41] I always thought FinKL was the worst live singers in the world but I saw everyone talking about Twice’s live on YouTube and took a listen and was so shocked. They made Lee Jin and Sung Yuri sound so good. It’s honestly a shame to capitalism that they’re able to make millions as ‘singers’ like that. Put them up against North Korean singers. What an embarrassment they’d be to our country.

7. [+93, -16] You shouldn’t get to be called a singer if you can’t sing live

8. [+90, -15] Considering their fame worldwide and their achievements, I think the broadcast is right…

9. [+77, -21] Twice sings worse than even IZ*ONE’s encore yesterday

10. [+62, -13] They’re right… why is this controversial

11. [+57, -5] Twice is more of a group for Japan’s style. The aegyo, the cutesy dances… there’s zero chance of that ever working in the western market.

12. [+57, -12] Singers vs Performance Team

13. [+53, -10] Well, Twice’s live is just… hopeless

14. [+51, -9] First thing’s first, I’ve never once thought of Twice as singers ㅋ

15. [+50, -7] I think they’re right

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