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Article: G-Idle Soojin’s ‘school bullying’ controversy… her picture disappears from cosmetic stores

Source: Korea Econ via Nate

1. [+2,370, -35] All the iljins in school are getting caught… Anyway, she looks exactly like the type to be an iljin. I could never warm up to her out of the entire group.

2. [+2,104, -15] The problem with these iljins are their parents. Their parents have just as poor character as their kids.

3. [+1,866, -13] I wish the media would be more diligent about not only exposing these school bullies but also going after the ones spreading false rumors too

4. [+255, -0] I honestly would throw up to see my school bully grow up to be someone famous and act all innocent and sweet on TV…

5. [+223, -1] I always found her ugly, I never understood why anyone liked her in the first place

6. [+205, -0] The only thing standing in the way of your future is your past

7. [+173, -0] It’s important to show the youth that justice will prevail. You will always reap what you sow, so it’s important to never do harm onto others. I will never feel bad for any of them.

8. [+113, -0] If school bullying really cleaned out the celebrity industry… we’d lose at least 30% of the current stars.. or maybe even half

9. [+93, -1] One thing about school bullies is that they always claim they don’t remember anything about it

10. [+66, -0] She deserves what she’s getting. Just stop putting the rest of the members in harm’s way and leave the group already.

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