Gary reveals that his hiatus was due to his need for a break ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: ‘Superman Returns’ Gary confesses, “I needed a break”

Source: TV Daily via Nate

1. [+2,012, -53] Sure, it’s fine that you needed a break and escaped to achieve that… but for you to crawl back now can only mean that you’re out of money, no?

2. [+1,762, -33] He just needs money right now

3. [+1,528, -38] Don’t blame it on a break when we know that you’re back because you need money

4. [+113, -0] Even if you needed a break, you should’ve maintained basic manners before leaving like that. What did the ‘Running Man’ members and staff do to deserve that?

5. [+113, -0] He ignored everyone and left like he was never going to come back… All he could’ve said was that he needed a break before properly giving everyone a farewell, tsk.

6. [+103, -1] I understand your need for a break but the way you went about it was all wrong. It looked so cold.

7. [+88, -0] Sometimes I feel like ‘Superman Returns’ purposely cast controversial figures like him to get in the headlines ㅡㅡ trash producers

8. [+70, -0] Just because you needed a break doesn’t mean it was right for you to ignore everyone and leave like that

9. [+59, -0] You could’ve just said that you needed a break. You didn’t have to disappear like that.

10. [+50, -1] Take a longer break… and his physiognomy, ugh;;;

11. [+37, -0] Pathetic excuse… he basically ran away without a word

12. [+32, -0] He didn’t even have any basic respect for his team. He could’ve just told them that he was taking a step back to focus on his marriage and baby.

13. [+31, -0] ‘Superman’ casting perplexes me. Sometimes they cast people that are definitely good ideas and then they cast people like him that make you wonder “just why?”

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