Gender ratio of people listening to BIGBANG’s new song

44% male
56% female

1. As expected, BIGBANG has a lot of male fans

2. There are a lot of pigs in Korea…

3. BIGBANG is always the public’s pick

4. Muggles really don’t care about celebrity controversies.. That’s why BIGBANG is still doing well after all their controversies

5. I’m not saying this new song is good or not, but when BIGBANG releases a new song, of course people will listen to it

6. Women in their 20s listen to this song the most

7. But personally I don’t think the song is very good, but it’s weird that their ranking is high, Koreans seem to like BIGBANG a lot

8. This is demographics, why didn’t you post it?

9. Even with the negative comments, I think it proves that a lot of people care about BIGBANG releasing an album

10. My brother is only 20 years old and is a huge fan of BIGBANG. I think BIGBANG still has a lot of fans in their 20s

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