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GFriend Yerin, signs with Sublime Artist Agency… To be under Rain

On June 17, Sublime Artist Agency revealed, “We are happy to begin fresh with our newest artist, Yerin. We plan to support Yerin actively so that she can greet her fans through a variety of promotions. Please send your unchanging encouragement toward Yerin, who will be greeting you from now on as an artist at Sublime Artist Agency.”

Yerin, who debuted as a member of GFriend in 2015, recently parted ways with her original label Source Music last month. Meanwhile, Sublime Artist Agency represents top stars like Song Kang Ho and Rain, and is also home to idols focussed on their solo promotions including EXID’s Hani, GOT7’s Jackson and Youngjae, Lim Na Young, etc. cr

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1. Isn’t that where Im Nayoung and Hani are?

2. Yerin fighting!! I’ll support you for a new start!!

3. Will you become an actress?

4. The other members are good too, I hope they get good agencies

5. The photos look like the profile of an actress. A black and white suit with a simple backdrop

6. Do you want to be an actress?? Or a singer??

7. Yerin-ah, congratulations, I’ll support you

8. Yerin fighting!!

9. Short hair suits you so well

10. I hope she gets better in the future

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