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Article: (G)I-Dle leader Soyeon decides to go ‘solo’

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+1,206] The title makes it sound like she left the group but she didn’t

2. [+498] The truly talented shine brightest when they’re solo

3. [+139] Wow

4. [+106] The title sounds like she left the group

5. [+117] She’s so good at everything that I can’t even picture what kind of concept she’ll comeback with at all… good at singing, rapping, dancing… I hope she doesn’t let the pressure get to her and she comes out with a great song. Love you, Soyeon ♥

6. [+98] The title makes it sound like she’s going solo for good ^^!!!! Yuqi has had a solo, Miyeon’s preparing one too!!

7. [+65] Huk daebak

8. [+11] I’m already scared how good Soyeon’s solo will be

9. [+7] That’s a good decision

10. [+11] I’ve been waiting for this day

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