Girl groups that are said to have opened each generation

1st generation – S.E.S.

2nd generation – Wonder Girls

3rd generation – TWICE

4th generation – Aespa

1. Honestly, the generation theory doesn’t seem to fit the idol market right now. The 3rd generation groups and the 4th generation groups are all doing well

2. I disagree with Aespa, I think ITZY and TXT opened the 4th generation

3. Aespa opened the 4th generation. But the groups that represent the 4th generation are IVE and NewJeans

4. I agree with TWICE opening the 3rd generation

5. But isn’t BLACKPINK the 3rd generation?

6. When ITZY debuted, all the media said that ITZY opened the 4th generation

7. SNSD didn’t open the 2nd generation, they are the representative group of the 2nd generation

8. It’s true that Soshi succeeded, but Wonder Girls opened the 2nd generation

9. I agree with SES and TWICE

10. If it were me, I’d rather be a singer that represents the generation than a singer that opens the generation

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