[Girls Planet 999] Korea #1 / China #1 / Japan #1 idol dance comparison video

[Girls Planet 999] Korea #1 / China #1 / Japan #1 idol dance comparison video

From left to right

Korea 1st place Kim Da Yeon / China 1st place Shen Xiaoting / Japan 1st place Ezaki Hikaru

original post: theqoo

1. The Chinese girl doesn’t use her face at all, she’s tall and looks stiff. If you look at the movement of the hair, everyone will definitely love the Korean girl. The Japanese girl looks small so she doesn’t stand out…

2. The Korean girl is the best and the Chinese girl is the worst

3. I think the Japanese girl dances the bestㅋㅋ

4. Japanese girls have short limbs and poor proportions

5. Koreans have good expressions and details, so it’s good to see them, but a bit too much

6. I think Korean girls sing and dance the best

7. The Korean girl uses her body well, she dances well, and the Chinese girl is stiff, the Japanese girl is a bit too much

8. But depending on how they use their hair, their skills look so different

9. There seems to be a certain charm that makes me attracted to Hikaru, everyone is good but I like Hikaru the most

10. I don’t know how to dance but the Korean girl looks the best

What do you think?

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