Go So Young makes first SNS update in a month ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Jang Dong Gun’s lady Go So Young makes SNS update after a month

Source: Sports World via Naver

1. [+489, -55] Embarrassing.. please quit Instagram

2. [+153, -5] Is it necessary for her to be on Instagram right now? I guess celebrities just can’t live without attention.

3. [+91, -20] Will she get diseased if she doesn’t stay on Instagram? Is she an attention seeker? Does she not see what situation her husband is in right now? And she really still wants to be posting online at a time like this? Go watch your son and daughter in the time you’re online.

4. [+51, -2] Aigoo…

5. [+49, -2] And where’s Dong Gun-ssi?

6. [+31, -1] Jang Dong Gun’s the one who made the mistake so why is Go So Young getting all this hate? You guys are funny… she’s the victim here, leave her alone.

7. [+29, -1] Still so shocking that it’s Jang Dong Gun of all people who was acting like that ㅋ

8. [+30, -5] Is she not at all embarrassed? ㅡㅡ What a mental.. tsk

9. [+26, -2] She must feel embarrassed… so I feel bad for her to see her act like she’s not

10. [+23, -2] She should start by getting tested for STDs

11. [+17, -0] Addicted to Instagram

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