Go So Young shares her stylish lifestyle at home ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Go So Young, reading -> cooking japchae with class… lifestyle at home

Source: Herald Pop via Nate

1. [+969, -54] Acting like nothing’s wrong..

2. [+850, -46] Dong Gun hyung, going anywhere tonight?

3. [+805, -32] Who wears jeans at home

4. [+91, -2] Guys, come on, she wants you to notice her Chanel clothes and hairpin ㅠㅠ instead you’re all talking about her cheating husband

5. [+80, -8] She used to be a trendsetter that led a whole generation… but I guess getting older makes you out of touch with that kind of stuff. She looks tacky.

6. [+79, -1] Having a full face of make up on while wearing Chanel clothes just to make noodles at home seems a bit too staged even for me

7. [+72, -3] Where’s your husband? Out?

8. [+71, -1] The real life version of the Go Yerim couple

9. [+60, -4] She looks empty inside…

10. [+40, -3] I guess she dresses like that even at home. Nothing’s better than sweats and pajamas for me, though.

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