Gook Gabie’s ‘quarantine birthday party’ case sent to prosecutors ~ Netizen Buzz

 Article: YouTuber Gook Gabi’s ‘birthday party in quarantine’ case sent to prosecutors

Source: E-Daily via Naver

1. [+3,472, -33] Why would you cause this mess just to make some money even during quarantine…

2. [+3,422, -30] I wish all the Koreans who are only returning to the country for health care will just leave…

3. [+1,812, -16] This is a good opportunity to get rid of all the Koreans who are only back in the country for the free health care

4. [+676, -11] And what about her husband Josh and their other Korean friends?

5. [+666, -61] I hope prosecutors realize that a more suitable punishment would be a total lock their YouTube account rather than a penalty fee

6. [+364, -6] Want to know what the fixed comment on her husband Josh’s channel is? That they’ll be suing anyone who leaves hate comments. Imagine how laughable they must think of Koreans to be acting like this ㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+335, -5] She was born in Argentina and lived her entire life overseas. She’s had a few controversies already for putting down Korean women. It was only until she started featuring Korean content that her YouTube channel took off and now she’s trying to abuse the health care system in Korea because she’s in need of it. Even her husband makes money off of Korean content. What a hilarious couple…

8. [+192, -1] Please, both of you go back to your own countries. Neither of you are Korean.

9. [+121, -1] There are so many Koreans who have not been able to attend not only major holidays but funerals, weddings, family events… Families can’t even see new babies being born. Small businesses are being wrung dry over social distancing rules. Koreans are already sensitive to foreigners coming into the country right now and yet she had the audacity to throw a birthday party in quarantine? Is this a joke? ㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+88, -2] Her real name ㅋㅋ so she’s not even Korean?

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