Grammy TV ads (BTS Butter)

1. If you’re going to use BTS, please give them an award

2. Grammy just took advantage of BTS’s popularity. I want the Grammy to give them an award, but the Grammy members, mostly white conservatives, don’t seem to change ㅠㅠ

3. Please give them an award

4. Thinking about last year’s Grammy makes me angry.. Now it’s time to give them awards, don’t just use them

5. They didn’t even give an award to BTS. They’re just making the most of BTS’ popularity, damn

6. Don’t just use BTS anymore

7. Don’t just use them, give them an award

8. Looking at the video, it’s like a Korean awards ceremony

9. It’s crazy if they don’t give BTS an award after all they’ve done

10. Do they have a conscience?

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