Guys, am I the only one who doesn’t know what Karina’s face looks like?

Doesn’t her face look so different depending on makeup and poses? What is her real face?

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1. [+78, -5] Aren’t there pre-debut pictures of her? I think she’s so f*cking pretty these days

2. [+67, -3] She looks like this

3. [+48, -33] Her styling is a bit like JooE. Her face is always different so you don’t know which is her real face

4. [+25, -0] But Karina is the first one whose face looks different all the time… People say it’s because of heavy makeup, but Jisoo, Yuna, Winter, these idols look the same even with heavy makeup

5. [+12, -6] Even if it’s dark or not, she’s still pretty~~

What do you think?

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