Guys, singing group and performance group, which group do you prefer?

For me it’s the singing group….

(I know that performance is important for idols, but I prefer singing groups)

1. Both are important, but I don’t want to see singers who can only dance well and lip-sync

2. For me, singing is the most important thing on stage. But for idols, I think performing well is the most important thing

3. I only like groups with good vocals

4. If you’re just going to perform, you should join a dance team…

5. All famous idols perform well, there are very few idols in idol groups who can’t dance

6. Singing group, they’re singers anyway

7. Idols are also singers… If you can’t sing, you should become a dancer…

8. If they don’t perform live, you won’t be able to continue watching their stage. After watching it a few times, you will no longer be curious

9. If you can’t sing and perform well, you’re just a dancer

10. If you like vocals, you won’t like idols. You like idols because of their faces and performances

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