Hacker contacts BTS V and Jennie over “dating” pictures in leaked texts + reveals more “hints” on their ‘couple’ photos

Article: ‘V-Jennie’ photo leaker A,  “Attempted to contact Jennie… sue me”

Source: News1

Leaker A has revealed that he attempted to contact Blackpink Jennie.

On the 30th, A revealed in leaked texts from a Telegram chatroom writing, “I sent Jennie a number of messages but never received a reply. As soon I saw the pictures, I contacted the two immediately. It was at the time when I didn’t have a Twitter account, I can prove this anytime.”

Regarding how he obtained the pictures, A revealed, “There’s a very big hint in the last tweet I left before the Twitter account was suspended. Of course only very few people know this.”

A also addressed claims the photos were edited stating, “I did not edit anything other than adding a watermark. If I did, I figured Jennie, V or their legal rep would contact me and file a complaint.”

When asked if he was afraid of being sued, A showed a dignified attitude stating, “If you think I’ve done something wrong enough to be arrested, tell YG and Big Hit to do the same. It will take less than a week for the two to file a suit against me.”

Meanwhile, leaked ‘V-Jennie‘ dating pictures are currently circulating on SNS and online communities. 

Big Hit and YG have yet to address the growing scandal and are continuing their ‘silence.’

Additional source: Sports Chosun

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