Han Hye Jin releases statement defending husband Ki Sung Yong ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Ki Sung Yong’s wife Han Hye Jin is out for blood “We will be fighting accusations of s*xual assault”

Source: Financial news via Naver

1. [+1,941, -114] It’s true how the saying goes, that sometimes staying quiet is the best course of action. She wasn’t even there at the time of the assault, what exactly is she trying to prove? She should’ve just stayed quiet and waited until the truth came out to say something.

2. [+1,141, -89] Nothing good will come out of her speaking up like this.. ㅠㅠ.. I get that you’re a married couple but.. there are some things you can never be sure of the truth of…

3. [+929, -35] She’s overstepping, isn’t she? I understand that she can trust him as a husband but this happened when he was younger, there’s nothing about it that she can be so sure of. The best she can do right now is pray for him and believe in him.

4. [+858, -35] Just stay quiet unless you want to end up like Lee Kyung Shil~~~

5. [+487, -17] I understand that she wants to believe that the scandal isn’t true but I think it’s past the point where straight out denying it will solve anything..

6. [+437, -22] And can you, Han Hye Jin, be so sure of the truth?

7. [+292, -12] You stay out of it. Nothing that your husband and father-in-law have done has reassured any sort of trust in them. 

8. [+199, -8] Lee Kyung Shil ran her career into the ground by defending her criminal husband and treating his victims like kkot-baems… Han Hye Jin, you weren’t even there in the situation of the assaults so what would you know? ㅋㅋ Just leave it to the law to figure out ㅋ

9. [+162, -7] Hye Jin-ssi, you are free to trust your husband, but were you in the school with the victim at the time he was an elementary school student? He could truly be a victim and you should stay out of it if you don’t know the truth.

10. [+134, -8] It’s understandable for your gut instinct to defend your family but there are some situations where you should just stay quiet. This isn’t the right course of action for her!

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