Han So Hee reveals she felt embarrassed for receiving so much love just for her looks

Article: Han So Hee, “I felt embarrassed to be receiving so much love over my looks which aren’t even worth anything special”

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+277] I really like her lately… great at acting, pretty, thinks deeply, good personality…

2. [+199] If her beauty is “nothing special” then… what constitutes as pretty in her eyes?

3. [+124] So Hee-ya, your looks have so much worth…

4. [+57] You’re doing great!! Looking forward to your next drama 👏

5. [+50] I think she’s as loved as she is because you can tell that she’s not trying to coast by on having a pretty face, she really feels genuine about her acting

6. [+47] She looks like a super chic ice princess but the way she talks is always so kind and innocent ㅜㅜ

7. [+22] The way she’s so humble about her looks is quite telling~ From her looks, you would think she’s arrogant, but she’s actually quite humble and kind

6. [+25] Nothing special…? You’re a goddess…

8. [+15] If you think your looks are nothing special, give them to me ❤

9. [+3] Your looks are actually amazing 👏

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