Han So Hee reveals that her debt scandal was taken out by her estranged mother ~ Netizen Buzz

Source: Chosun Media via Naver

1. [+4,099, -27] I know a lot of people whose parents got divorced when they were younger and they’re estranged from either one of them. From the perspective of the actress, it’s an unfair situation for her. It’s not even her fault.

2. [+2,575, -22] Not all parents are fit parents and not all children are fit children. Reminds me of Jang Yoon Jung’s story… Their relationship with their mothers is completely over. This is a different situation from Microdot’s. Han So Hee herself has overcome so many obstacles on her own, and I’ll continue supporting her as a fan. I hope this is resolved well for her soon.

3. [+1,629, -17] She never received her parent’s love as a child and now she’s saddled with their debt at such a young age… how unfortunate… I hope she becomes even more successful and shows them all with her happiness.

4. [+1,351, -14] Parents who try to freeload off of their children when they didn’t even bother raising them are pathetic

5. [+795, -24] I wish you well, Han So Hee, you have all my support…

6. [+330, -6] The debt collector made the wrong choice by going public with this story. They actually freed Han So Hee from their grip. Before, they could use her biological connection to her mother to try to get her to pay but now the public knows what an unfair situation this is for her and Han So Hee has nothing to lose.

7. [+318, -7] Han So Hee has always called her grandmother ‘her everything’… I’ve always been curious about the circumstances surrounding that and it looks like now we know. I’m sure she’s gone through emotional suffering for it so I wish her nothing but happiness from now on ㅠ

8. [+284, -6] Often when you see popular female celebrities end up in relationships or marriages that are hard to understand for the rest of us, it’s usually because they come from broken families or have low self esteem as a result of it. I hope that Han So Hee never falls into that trap. I hope she sees that she shines all on her own.

9. [+177, -2] Han So Hee-ssi, none of this is your fault. You have no need to pay back that debt. I like that she was honest through all of this and I hope her career continues to grow.

10. [+163, -9] This is all her mother’s fault~ the debt collector needs to work with the mother. Why bother an innocent person who’s living their own life? 

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