Han Ye Seul pays no mind to ‘Hover Lab’ rumors claiming her boyfriend used to be a male escort ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Han Ye Seul enjoys sweet weekend date with younger boyfriend without caring about ‘Hover Lab’ rumors

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+691] Hover Lab……. farewell

2. [+429] If she herself is saying it’s not true, then it’s not fair to continue accusing her of it ㅋㅋㅋ Hover Lab is always running their mouth without any evidence, who would believe them…?

3. [+413] It’s not like they’re children, just leave them alone to deal with it as they wish…

4. [+220] All that matters is that these two are happy, Hover Lab is crossing the line;;

5. [+190] So what if he was a gigolo? He’s not anymore, isn’t that all that matters? They’re in love, let’s respect that.

6. [+16] Hover Lab is trash

7. [+13] Hover Lab writes up whatever they want and hates on whoever they want without doing any investigations

8. [+10] But I checked the comments on the video and people seem to believe it and are on Hover Lab’s side… that was shocking to me, unless they’re comments left by their own staff?

9. [+8] Hover Lab is so stupid… imagine being so smart and educated but wasting it on stupid stuff like this

10. [+5] I don’t care if he was a gigolo. 80% of what Hover Lab says is fake anyway. Han Ye Seul is pretty enough to land herself a 10 year junior ㅎㅎ

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