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Han Ye Seul reps reveal she has no symptoms after Italy trip ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: [Exclusive] Han Ye Seul reps on trip back from Italy, “She has no corona19 symptoms”

Source: Sports Today via Nate

1. [+1,213 ,-26] There’s nothing bad to come out of being extra careful ㅠㅠ so please quarantine yourself for the next two weeks…

2. [+1,175, -18] Glad that she didn’t catch it but I noticed in her YouTube vlog that she went to a restaurant in Chungdam after her Italy trip (not sure if the timing is accurate). Shouldn’t she have quarantined herself for two weeks ㅠㅠ.. let’s please be careful

3. [+1,008, -14] Please quarantine yourself…;;

4. [+50, -1] If she got back from Italy, she should go get tested even if she doesn’t have any symptoms. She should also quarantine herself. Not like she doesn’t have the money to pay for a test herself as well as all of her staff who accompanied her. Asymptomatic people can still spread it if they have it.

5. [+49, -2] It’s only been a week since she got back so she and her staff should quarantine themselves during the incubation period

6. [+33, -2] She could be in the incubation period so who knows. And why would you even risk yourself for a fashion show like that, sigh.

7. [+28, -0] So what if she doesn’t have symptoms? There’s an incubation period so she should quarantine herself.

8. [+24, -0] There’s a two week incubation period so what’s it matter if she’s not showing symptoms right now?

9. [+21, -1] Whether she has symptoms or not, she should quarantine herself for three weeks and stay out of broadcast halls.

10. [+15, -0] There are a lot of infected people without symptoms

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