Harvard Business School Released An Insightful Case Study On BTS & BigHit’s Unrivaled Success

A team from Harvard Business School conducted an in-depth analysis on the global popularity of BTS and  BigHit’s role in the process.

Harvard Business School released a report which contains analysis of BTS and BigHit Entertainment’s global success. On June 26, the case study article was unveiled in the Harvard Business Review online store. Professor Anita Elberse of Harvard Business School and her team had prepared this material.


The case study titled “Big Hit Entertainment and Blockbuster Band BTS: K-Pop Goes Global” talks about BTS and BigHit’s reach around the world. Delving into the BTS phenomenon, the article introduces the septet as true superstars who have received tremendous support from millions of fans worldwide.

It states that BTS is a band of seven men in their twenties with unprecedented success in the world. Additionally, the case study points out the group’s success in the US market. This is an amazing achievement given the fact that most of BTS’ songs are in Korean.

In the 22-page report, the research team highlights the K-Pop’s way of making superstars based on the success of BTS and BigHit. The paper also explained the history of BTS and BigHit from the beginning to the present. In particular, the research team paid attention to the training system of BigHit to cultivate artists and their bold decision-making process.

The BigHit Trainee System

Regarding the trainee system, Harvard’s research team quoted the interviews with Chairman Bang Si Hyuk and other BigHit officials. They said, “BigHit’s training program looks like a university class. There are discussions with individual trainees to find the optimal schedule.”

Emphasizing their respect for autonomy and efficiency of the system, they also stated “We are trying to find the best way to balance everything. The training program includes a music appreciation course. It will educate the trainees on what music they like and how they can create the music they want.”

In addition, the report focuses on BigHit’s contract agreement with BTS. Regarding the topic, the company had stated that they respect their artist’s decision-making power. It also mentions the dedicated fans who are much more engaged and enthusiastic.

The preparation of this case study began when the Harvard team visited Seoul in August last year. Professor Anita Elburse will use this case study as part of the teaching materials for her next semester’s lecture. Subsequently, the professor also offered online public lectures to fans after posting the news of the case study on SNS.

Source: Xsports News, Newsis

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