“He sounds f*cking stubborn” Netizens talk about BTS V responding to a fan telling him not to get a tattoo

BTS will get a friendship tattoo

Fan: Don’t get tattoos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

V: I’ll deal with that on my own. First of all, the members have been talking about this everyday for a while. We will get a friendship tattoo some day. Please look forward to it”

[+419, -65]

1. [+658, -59] No but he sounds f*cking stubborn

2. [+478, -515] Why is he trying to fight his fans?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+423, -51] Who cares? Why does he need your permission?

4. [+175, -73] That would be so cute~??

5. [+131, -15] Seriously, they need to confiscate Weverse accounts of people who are just there to criticize and order idols

6. [+100, -10] Idols aren’t even toys, what the hell are they saying? I think Taehyung did so well

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