“Her outfit and poses are weird” BLACKPINK Rosé at Tiffany & Co event in London

BLACKPINK Rosé at Tiffany & Co event in London

1. Her face is pretty but her pose is a bit awkward

2. Her outfit and poses are weird…

3. Rosé is pretty, but there’s something wrong with her outfit, makeup, and pose

4. I think her hair color looks really pretty, it suits her so well

5. I bet Rosé is the prettiest out of all the kids who comment on her body and pose hereㅋㅋ Even when she wears that outfit, she’s still prettyㅋㅋ

6. I know there are a lot of kids here who don’t like BLACKPINK, but I don’t think they’re this obscene…

7. The outfit is so weird, it doesn’t suit her…

8. Her pose is weird…. Why does her face look different from the pictures on Insta?

9. She’s pretty but her outfit is weird

10. For a moment, I remember Jang Doyeon posing

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