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Article: ‘High School Rapper 4’ “Kang Hyun leaves the show after allegations of sexual assault… he will be completely edited out”

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1. [+1,958] Physiognomy is science…

2. [+1,303] Why do people really act as they look?

3. [+812] Tell me why as soon as I saw his picture, I started seeing an overlap of the physiognomies of the other ‘nth room scandal’ guys…

4. [+645] Something about his eyes just gives me the creeps..

5. [+630] How is a high schooler already committing such crimes?

6. [+314] Mama always said to date someone who has bright, clear eyes

7. [+256] Physiognomy is science

8. [+122] Oh gross…

9. [+11] Kids who think they can get away with anything in school because they think they’re so special… all of that’s going to come back to get you later in life. Bullying, assaulting, beating kids up… I hope all of you kids see this and realize that.

10. [+4] Live proper lives! Or your dreams will turn to crap like this guy. Put an end to school violence!

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