Highest-grossing singers in Japan in 2021

#10 B’z

#9 Kis-My-Ft2

#8 Official Hige Dandism


#6 Nogizaka46


#4 Arashi

#3 King & Prince

#2 Snow Man

#1 BTS

BTS is the first foreign singer in history

18.48 billion yen

Korean singers in the top 50 annual sales in 2021

#11 Seventeen
#31 TXT
#43 NCT 127

Top 10 best-selling albums in Japan in 2021

Korean singers enter Oricon’s annual sales chart

1. BTS didn’t go to Japan in 2021, but that’s amazing

2. In 2021 they weren’t able to perform overseas, but if they had even performed a concert in Japan, it could have been even higher

3. Wow Arashi is still on the list

4. Looking at the album chart, Seventeen is doing well in Japan too

5. I was surprised when I saw a street interview about BTS’ vacation on Japanese news

6. BTS did so well, but why does the next group include foreign members?

7. BTS’ 1st place is something interestingㅋㅋ Of course, I know they’re so popular in Japan, but they’re even more popular than domestic singersㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. How much is the assets of BTS members? I can’t imagine

9. BTS is really amazing.. The HYBE idols are all doing well

10. Wow… Kingtan

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