Hong Jin Young’s master’s thesis ruled to be plagiarized ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Chosun University makes a tentative decision that Hong Jin Young’s master’s thesis was plagiarized

Source: Chosun via Naver

1. [+916, -34] Shouldn’t they just call it plagiarism? What’s with this tentative decision? I don’t want to see the Hong Jin Young sisters on TV anymore. Surely their skin isn’t thick enough to continue working on TV?

2. [+637, -12] As if she got a master’s in anything after graduating from the crappiest high school in Kwangjoo ㅡㅡ how can 74% of your thesis be plagiarized? Everyone in the country deserves a master’s degree then.

3. [+355, -10] She’s an iljin from a rock bottom high school, what does she need a master’s degree for?

4. [+339, -6] ㅋㅋ Life is all about the ups and downs. She climbed high for being known as the elite trot star with a master’s degree but now the very degree is the one taking down her entire singing career.

5. [+80, -2] Her father’s a professor at that college too. They should’ve been more careful. 

6. [+56, -1] Looks like she plagiarized her face too with all that plastic surgery

7. [+48, -1] I just knew there was something fishy about her. She should be set as an example and exiled from the celebrity industry for good.

8. [+46, -2] She should be criminally punished since she used the master’s degree to promote her commercial image

9. [+36, -1] She promoted herself off of that master’s degree and now that she’s caught, she’s acting like it was never a big deal for her? She promoted herself as a singer with a master’s degree, as a family that comes from intelligence and wealth. This whole family has quite the balls to pull off a scam like this.

10. [+17, -1] She really thought she could just fool the world like that…

11. [+16, -1] Why is she treating a master’s degree like it’s some joke, something that she can return whenever she feels like? Probably because it’s something she earned without having to work for? So many students sweat blood and tears to earn their degrees and for her to just nonchalantly say she’ll return it is a disgrace to all of their hard work.

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