Hover Lab exposes Jo Yeo Jung for allegedly being involved with a CEO ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Kim Yong Ho exposes the private life of Jo Yeo Jung after Han Ye Seul… “She has a CEO protecting her from behind”

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+3,081] Who knows what the truth is, not that I care… but now I wonder if there’s something protecting Kim Yong Ho behind his back too…? 😶

2. [+1,707] Can’t we all just focus on our own lives

3. [+1,058] Kim Yong Ho should be afraid for his life if it’s a CEO like Jo Tae Ho from ‘Veteran’ ㅋㅋ

4. [+1,242] You only live once.. it’s hard enough to live your own lilfe to the fullest, why all in on bringing down the lives of others? What are you leaving behind when you leave this world? A life of your own, or a life of hurting others… when will you realize that while you were hurting others, they were living their own lives to the fullest?

5. [+294] That’s such a private matter, he’s going too far

6. [+247] Now that’s just crazy

7. [+273] Looks like all you see isn’t all there is to it

8. [+149] The celebrity industry is no different from the red light district. Beautiful people are naturally paired up with the wealthy and given a chance to change their status in the world. Even the influencers you see on social media usually have someone funding them from behind.

9. [+102] This is Kim Yong Ho’s job, none of your opinions matter

10. [+25] Well what she’s doing is wrong if the CEO has a wife.. expose it all

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