How can you not know what BLACKPINK is when you are 20 years old?

My friend who only watches animes, doesn’t watch dramas, variety shows or movies, doesn’t know what BLACKPINK is.. She doesn’t know what IU looks like and only knows one celebrity song. When I asked her if she knew Jennie, she said she heard about her a lot… Is this possible?… I showed my friend a picture of GD, but she didn’t know who it was…

1. I guess she really only watches anime

2. This is impossible.. I can’t believe it

3. If you don’t care about idols, you probably don’t know BLACKPINKㅋㅋ But does she not know Jennie?ㅋ I’m surprised that she doesn’t know what IU looks likeㅋㅋ

4. She doesn’t know who BLACKPINK is because she doesn’t care about idols

5. Even though she doesn’t care about idols, she doesn’t even know what IU looks like?? Didn’t she even talk to her friends…? Really amazing

6. I guess she just doesn’t care about celebrities

7. ?? I’m a bit shocked

8. If you don’t care about idols, you won’t know BLACKPINK.. They don’t do variety shows, they just release songs

9. Does she not know about BLACKPINK’s existence? Crazy

10. The people around me are all muggles, but they still know BLACKPINK and other popular idols

11. What? Isn’t she living in the mountains…?

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