How families are preparing for the college entrance exam in the time of a pandemic ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Sent the husband off to stay at the in-laws, a mother’s plan for her high school senior’s upcoming test

Source: Joongang Ilbo via Nate

Article takes a look at how various families are handling the week leading up to the college entrance exam to help keep their test takers safe from the virus. 

One such family chose to have the father live with the grandparents as he travels to and from work. A sister in college who visits home every weekend has been temporarily banned from visiting home. The mother explained, “I’m the only one left at home with the test taker so that I can look after her. My husband and our oldest daughter are all trying their best to be careful just until the test. Schools are advising that families limit contact with the test taker and we are following all prevention rules 200%.” 

A 47 year old mother from Kyungkido has stocked up on sanitization materials. “There are a lot of products on the internet for test takers. I’ve become an expert myself and make sure that our family washes their hands after coming home and throw out masks that have been used.” 

A 53 year old mother from Uijungbu said, “I’ve stopped going out since a month before the exam. Whenever there’s a company dinner or anything, I just say that I have a test taker at home. My co-workers have been understanding of my need to go straight home for months now. Other family members are strictly adhering to social distancing rules. I also do all my shopping online. The test taker’s dongsaeng does not go to school or after school activities.” 

A dongsaeng of a test taker said, “We do all of our family communication through smartphone messaging. For the past two weeks, I’ve only been texting with my unni. I haven’t seen her that much but my parents aren’t letting me see her at all anymore because they’re afraid of her catching the virus.” Another mother added, “My son hasn’t left his room because he’s so busy studying. If he has something to say, he’ll send me a text.” 

A test taker shared her experience, “I wear my mask all day at home just in case there’s an asymptomatic family member. I’m also practicing wearing my mask at the testing center.” 

1. [+491, -26] I hope they earn results reflective of their hard work ㅎㅎ

2. [+416, -25] Fighting to all the test takers

3. [+256, -85] For as long as our culture values grading people by rank, the college entrance exam will forever weigh heavy on the shoulders of parents and children

4. [+25, -16] I feel like it’s always the people who go overboard like this that earn poor results

5. [+17, -4] Sometimes the whole family can help you out like this and there are still idiots who end up at the wrong testing center on the day of

6. [+15, -19] I think it’s a problem that families treat their kids like kings. All these kids ever know how to do is study out of books, and when they pass the test with good scores, they turn into people who are selfish and prone to self destruction when they’re met with their first taste of the real world at work. 

7. [+13, -4] This probably lends a part in why children are growing up to be more selfish and self centered

8. [+13, -0] Sometimes I think it’s ridiculous the lengths parents of test takers will go to

9. [+11, -4] But will any of this guarantee that their kid gets into a good college? Kids who are meant to score well will do so in any environment ㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+8, -1] I hope that the test takers are able to overcome these difficult times and achieve favorable results. Fighting!

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