Hwang Hana booked for drug use during probation, rumors swirl about sudden death of husband ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Namyang granddaughter Hwang Hana booked for suspicions of drug use during probation

Source: Korea Econ via Nate

1. [+2,505, -17] Hwang Hana just gets more makjang by the day because her parents are always willing to pick up the pieces by shielding her with money no matter what she does

2. [+2,336, -16] I guess even useless trash like her can be born out of a wealthy family. If she couldn’t even wait until after probation to use drugs, she’s already addicted. And why was she stealing when she has more than enough to buy any luxury good that she wants?

3. [+2,028, -12] Please start punishing her properly

4. [+337, -3] She got married to a guy who she tried to frame for her drug use and he ended up committing suicide. She didn’t even show up at his funeral. Her husband’s friend is also currently in a coma after a suicide attempt as well. How can this woman call herself a human being? She’s already famous in Gangnam right now for causing death upon whatever she touches.

5. [+226, -3] After her engagement with Park Yoochun ended, she got married to some tattooed up guy and he actually committed suicide not too long ago

6. [+220, -3] Her husband’s dead and her friend’s boyfriend is also in critical condition. Hwang Hana really needs to be taught that actions have consequences for her to realize that she can’t be acting like this anymore. Her parents need to stop protecting her from everything and let her feel the fear of the real world.

7. [+201, -1] I feel so bad for the husband who got married to her. He committed suicide… She forced him to do all sorts of drugs and then tried to frame him for everything, which eventually led to him committing suicide. They were an absolute mess on Instagram but I never saw one line of news about it, but I guess that’s expected for a family from Gangnam… just cover it all up.

8. [+163, -1] Hwang Hana’s husband committed suicide. His funeral was on the 26th. She tried to frame him for drug use and he couldn’t handle the injustice of it all and jumped off their rooftop. There needs to be more news about this. Hwang Hana is the scariest person ever.

9. [+156, -6] Hwang Hana and her mother hold zero shares in Namyang. Namyang cut ties with them so I don’t know why the media is so fixated on that.

10. [+149, -1] Sucks for Namyang. Hwang Hana isn’t even their blood granddaughter. She’s the granddaughter of a mistress, practically a stranger to the main family.

11. [+125, -2] I heard her boyfriend commit suicide…

12. [+111, -1] This woman is seriously no joke

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