HYBE employees’ blind posts about HYBE’s current situation amid Kim Garam controversy

HYBE employees’ blind posts about HYBE’s current situation

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1. I hope HYBE gets ruined as soon as possible

2. HYBE’s image is ruined

3. How did a group like BTS come from this company? I just know that the company is getting worse day by day

4. Isn’t Source Music a label of HYBE? Why would Source Music be responsible for all of this?

5. Looks like the company is a mess

6. I don’t understand why they keep a kid with no talent like this?

7. Their fans are teenagers, but the company tolerates school violence…

8. This company seems like a company that doesn’t know how to apologize and reflect on mistakes

9. But are you sure the people who wrote it were HYBE employees? I’m asking because I don’t know

10. They just look like they’re stubborn and don’t want to admit they’re wrong

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