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HYBE, JYP, SM, and YG’s Q1 earnings

HYBE, JYP, SM, and YG's Q1 earnings

HYBE – Revenue 178.3 billion won, operating profit 21.7 billion won, net income 15.8 billion won

JYP – Revenue 32.3 billion won, operating profit 13.7 billion won, net income 12 billion won

SM – Revenue 154.2 billion won, operating profit 15.38 billion won, net income 8.67 billion won

YG – Revenue 97.017 billion won, operating profit 9.53 billion won, net income 8.65 billion won

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1. Every time I see this, I’m surprised by JYP’s net profit

2. HYBE had no artists making a comeback in the first quarter..? But where did the revenue come from?

3. JYP is good

4. If SM has an operating margin of 10% then that’s perfectly fine

5. Although BTS hasn’t released an album yet, HYBE has made a lot of money

6. JYP’s profit compared to revenue is huge

7. Wow, even though there wasn’t anything from BTS in the first quarter, HYBE’s sales and profits were the biggest. Now we should get rid of the concept of ‘Big 3’

8. Well, I’m surprised by YG…

9. Wow, YG’s sales are so low, but the net profit is crazy….

10. What did HYBE do to make money in the first quarter?

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