HYBE’s shares in subsidiaries

Big Hit Music (BTS, TXT): 100%
ADOR (NewJeans): 100%
Pledis (Seventeen, fromis_9): 85%
Source Music (LE SSERAFIM): 80%
KOZ (Zico): 66,7%

1. Big Hit has Lee Hyun too

2. Well ADOR, there’s a reason why NewJeans is getting so much support

3. HYBE is daebak

4. I’m so jealous of Han Sung Soo

5. I don’t know so I’m asking, why are you guys jealous that HYBE owns 85% shares of Pledis??

6. Zico too?? I knew Zico was under KOZ, but I didn’t know it was under HYBE

7. Only Big Hit and ADOR are like HYBE’s biological children

8. Wow ADOR…

9. HYBE has high shares in Pledis and Source Musicㄷㄷ

10. HYBE is crazy

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