Hyeri shares her bareface -> make up transformation on YouTube ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Girl’s Day Hyeri, bare face -> self make uip… ‘netizens surprised at before and after make up’

Source: Top Star News via Nate

1. [+411, -75] Her forehead is so obvious….. what is she going to do

2. [+364, -61] Has her forehead always been like that?

3. [+343, -70] What did she put in her forehead??? It looks gross

4. [+45, -8] She’s honestly ugly even after the plastic surgery. She’s lucky she has a small face. Eyes, nose, lips, all ugly..

5. [+41, -3] She’s all plastic, isn’t she? Not a beautiful one… She’s cute but I wouldn’t say charming as a celebrity… her nose and forehead look really obviously plastic.. and she can’t act either, so..

6. [+38, -1] Pisses me off when I see celebrities start YouTube channels when they already make enough money as celebrities

7. [+29, -7] Looks like forehead fillers? Or fat transplants? It’s getting puffier with time. In her high school photos, her face was completely flat and she had monolids.

8. [+26, -4] All I can see is her forehead

9. [+24, -3] That forehead….

10. [+18, -0] Am I the only one noticing her adam’s apple I didn’t know women could have one too… that’s cool

11. [+15, -6] She has an adam’s apple??? Does it normally show on women like that??

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