Hyoyeon closes Instagram comment section after receiving malicious comments from Chinese netizens for posting Hanbok

Hyoyeon, receiving malicious comments from Chinese netizens after posting pictures of Hanbok… Closes the comment section

Hyoyeon posted a photo on her Instagram on the 8th with the caption, “Korean Hanbok is beautiful”

Chinese netizens who saw this wrote malicious comments and vomiting emojis on her Instagram

Hyoyeon closed the comment section on Instagram

1. These ba$tards are crazy

2. ? Why do Koreans get scolded for posting pictures of them wearing Hanbok?? Anyway, those Chinese netizens are pathetic

3. (((((((((Hyoyeon))))))))

4. Crazy, Koreans are wearing traditional Korean clothes, why are they so rude?

5. Hyoyeon’s Hanbok suits her so well and she’s so pretty… Those Chinese people are rude and disgusting

6. They don’t allow Koreans to wear Hanbok, what the hell are they thinking?

7. Hanbok belongs to Korea. They can’t even legally use Instagram, so stop writing comments

8. SNSD!!! It’s great that it’s a Korean group

9. A country where Instagram is banned works harder on Instagram than anyone else

10. Don’t touch our Hyoyeon… Chinese people are crazy

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