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Article: Hyuna♥Dawn, fashionista couple’s sweet lovestagram

Source: Star Today via Nate

1. [+505, -54] It’s lovely that they’re of similar age and able to depend on each other while in a happy relationship…

2. [+390, -26] When I first heard that they were dating, I was like “what is this?” but now I want them to get married ㅋㅋ

3. [+61, -6] My first impression of Dawn was of an immature rebel but I felt drawn to his kind eye smile on ‘Radio Star’. He seems like he’d be a very dependable and kind person in real life.

4. [+17, -7] Hyuna’s style looks cute here

5. [+12, -4] Hyuna’s pants are pretty

6. [+11, -2] They seem happy

7. [+9, -5] I was also like “oh, these two psychos belong together” but they’re actually in a loving relationship

8. [+8, -2] They left such a positive impression on me with ‘Knowing Bros’. I’ll be honest, before that show, I always thought “what are these kids…;;; tsk!” but they’re not like that at all.. Hyuna and Dawn are so respectful and full of deep thoughts. I genuinely wish this couple nothing but happiness.

9. [+5, -2] Hyuna’s pants are pretty. She pulls off the fit well because she’s skinny.. ㅠ

10. [+5, -1] Pretty and loving couple… Dawn Hyuna ♡♡♡

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