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Hyunjin in Stray Kids’ MV just released

I don’t add a video link because I don’t want them to get views

original post: theqoo

1. But did he properly apologize to the victim?? I’m really curious

2. What will the kids think about this? “Even if I bully others, I can still succeed..”

3. He and his fans are so shameless

4. Kids who like Hyunjin won’t curse April, right?

5. Well, his fans are amazing. They posted hashtags to celebrate his return.. Disgusting

6. I hate JYP and SM so much… Shameless

7. The other members’ fans are pitiful

8. JYP is a trash company

9. Is he the most popular member? If he leaves the group, the group will be ruined, right?

10. JYP, stop talking about personality

What do you think?

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