I don’t think SM is really popular in the US

Nominations for US VMA Awards (One of the four major awards ceremonies in the US)

6 groups have been nominated

There are groups from HYBE, YG and JYP, but no groups from SM..

[+228, -73]

1. [+233, -15] I lived in the US until last year, but no one knows K-pop groups except BTS and BLACKPINK

2. [+125, -36] There are 6 groups, but people don’t know other groups except BTS and BLACKPINK?

3. [+70, -104] In Korea, Stray Kids and ITZY’s scores are so bad

4. [+57, -4] Of course, this is Korea so that awards ceremony doesn’t mean much, but SM sends SM idols to the US every day and makes them public, so isn’t it pathetic that they weren’t even nominated for an award ceremony in the US?

5. [+20, -3] Honestly, they don’t know much about groups other than BTS

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This gif of Red Velvet Irene makes me angry even if I’m not a fan of Seulgi

Jessica is doing the best after leaving SNSD? Will she be in a Chinese girl group in the end?