“I love BTS, but how can I love even HYBE?”

HYBE is full of will to enter new business fields by using BTS brand, such as NFT, drama and webtoon.

However, the most important thing for artists are the fans, in other words they are the consumers. But HYBE only seems to offer products that many consumers don’t want

original post: theqoo

1. I just want them to focus on the music

2. I really like the title

3. Honestly, every time they release new products, their prices are too expensive for the quality. I really hate it… I miss the old Big Hit…

4. An agency should be the shield for the artist, but HYBE uses the artist as the shield

5. I love BTS, but I hate HYBE

6. I don’t like what HYBE is doing to the fans

7. Seriously, I only love BTS’ music

8. The title is exactly what I thought, I like BTS not HYBE

9. It’s too bad because it’s obvious that HYBE is just trying to use BTS to make as much money as possible

10. When Big Hit was a small agency, they took good care of BTS, but now I feel like BTS is betrayed more ㅜㅜ

11. In 2017, people praised Big Hit and said it’s a good agency… They are crazy about money now

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