Idol trainee A reveals agency CEO B demanded weekly “semi-nudes” to “check body size” as a pre-condition for debut + DMs leaked

Article[Exclusive] “Send underwear pictures so I can check your body size”.. demand by an agency CEO

Source: YTN

Police are conducting an investigation into a strange report about an entertainment agency CEO. 

According to an exclusive report by YTN, a CEO is seen in leaked texts asking trainees to take full body pictures of their front, back, and side every Tuesday and demands they wear only underwear when taking the pictures. He then asks for their thighs, waist, and forearm measurements. 

The CEO is then seen criticizing the trainee saying it would be hard to become a K-pop idol if they didn’t follow his instructions and at times, criticized whether the trainee sent the same photos two weeks in a row due to the same color underwear.

Below is testimony by trainee A (20s), a Taiwanese who came to Korea dreaming of becoming an idol. 

A/ Idol Trainee: “The company asked me to send pictures and I told my aunt but she said “it’s a bit strange” so I didn’t send it. I was always anxious and afraid if the photos I sent to the CEO would be leaked. I was worried and kept thinking, you take the pictures and send them but you don’t know where that person is using the pictures.”

The agency CEO B however countered that it was done with consent to shorten the preparation period for a girl group debut and “he had no sexual intentions.”

B/ Entertainment agency CEO: “It was to maximize efficiency to shorten the time to debut. There are textbooks in modeling industry about self management, weight and body size management etc.”

Lee Jong-im, a pop culture critic stated, “Agencies always want a quick effect in the shortest amount of time to debut so trainees seem to have no choice but follow along even if the agency makes unreasonable demands.”

Meanwhile, police that received the complaint have started full-scale investigations. 

Last month, police conducted search and seizure of CEO B’s computer and cell at the entertainment company’s office for forensic analysis. 

  1. [+995, -35] He’s crazy! He’s using the dreams of young kids and turning them into sexual objects for his own perverted ways. I hope he rots in jail eating bread the rest of his life. These agencies will prey on you for money or make ridiculous demands to scam you, so make sure you report them the minute you see it!
  2. [+424, -13] It’s a crime to ask for underwear pictures from kids so if he leaked the pictures it’s only a matter of time until he’s exposed like Cho Joo-bin. I hope he’s nervous right now waiting for the investigation results.
  3. [+159, -7] We need to root out trash CEOs like him from the industry and hit them with jail!
  4. [+131, -13] Agency CEO?? He’s just putting on a cosplay selling dreams to kids for his own sexual perverted ways. Throw him in prison right now!
  5. [+110, -6] Things like this are still happening? 
  6. [+66, -0] Reveal the name of the CEO and the agency!
  7. [+13, -0] Couldn’t he have had a female trainer get the measurements?? Why does he need to personally check it outㅋㅋ? 
  8. [+13, -1] Expose pictures of him and his family so that he can feel the wrath of our country before he’s thrown in jail.
  9. [+12, -0] Couldn’t he have asked them to go to a designated hospital for weight measurements? Why did he want to take pictures? It’s obvious to anyone looking that his request is too strange. 
  10. [+11, -0] Expose the name of his agency so that he doesn’t hurt any more kids!!
  11. [+10, -0] Was it for his sponsorsㅋㅋㅋㅋ? Whether he used those pictures or not, asking for underwear pictures from minors is a crime so he should be arrested right now. 
  12. [+6, -1] The entertainment industry is filled to the brim with thugs and criminals.. 

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