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Article: The school bullying scandal that set Korea upside down… remembering a middle schooler’s suicide note 10 years ago

Source: Joongang Ilbo via Nate

With school bullying being brought back into the headlines, netizens remembered a 2011 school bullying scandal where a middle schooler took his own life. The scandal itself was especially harrowing because his last moments were caught on an elevator CCTV before he took his life. 

A portion of his will read: To my father, who always loved me and sometimes gave me allowance money, thank you. To my mother, who always let me get away with being a bad son and who always kept me in her thoughts, I love you. To my hyung, who always forgave me even when the bullies ate all our food, and who was always so good to me, thank you. And to my friends, who were always good to me, thank you. And to my teachers, who always supported me even though I was good at nothing, thank you. Please change the doorlock password on our home. The bullies know it so they might come in our home again. Farewell, everyone. 

1. [+4,681, -11] My heart breaks every time I see that picture. I feel so sorry… To all the people who claim that we should forgive and forget bullies? Because they were young and immature?? Who are you to get to decide that? Can you imagine if your own kid was in the elevator like this? Do you think that time will truly make you forget the pain?

2. [+3,870, -8] The picture is so sad… Can parents please start taking an interest in how your children behave outside of your home? Please make sure that your children aren’t out there beating on other precious children…

3. [+3,440, -15] Why do people keep saying bullies should be forgiven, that they should be given a second chance? Why would someone who beats others be of any help to our society? The only help they can be is if we either lock them up or kill them off. It’s the only way to protect others.

4. [+195, -0] His bullies must be 25 years old now. I wonder what they’re up to?? They should be living their lives in guilt… but it makes me angry to think that they’re probably living comfortably right now.

5. [+164, -0] A picture I can never forget… I can’t imagine how sad his struggles must’ve felt…

6. [+149, -0] The picture rips my heart apart… Child, are you in a better place now? I hope there is only happiness where you are…

7. [+124, -3] This picture never fails to make me start crying within a second of seeing it. I just want to tell him so badly that I’m sorry… I wonder what his bullies are doing today? I want to know their identities now that they’re adults.

8. [+100, -0] The worst of them all are the ones defending bullies saying that they were young and immature. Destroying anyone’s soul like this is a crime no matter what.

9. [+81, -0] His bullies must be adults now… hmmm

10. [+52, -1] We must pull school bullying by the roots

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