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Article: EXO Kai protected ‘Infinity Challenge’ writer who was asked a rude request

Source: Insight via Instagram

Former writer revealed when she first met Kai on set, he exclaimed that he was a fan, which prompted another staff to ask her to do a dance on the spot for him. Kai stepped in at the rude request and said, “A true dancer does not dance just anywhere. Writer-nim, please don’t dance. I didn’t say I was a fan to make you do this.”

1. [+353] Praise Kai

2. [+218] It’s always so awkward when you get random requests like this, Kai is so considerate!!

3. [+91] All Ls know that Kai has the best character ❤️

4. [+21] Totally daebak, but I really don’t like it when people just make random requests like that

5. [+24] Love this person

6. [+8] This is too much, not only is he handsome but he’s a good guy too ㅠ

7. [+6] I must marry him

8. [+2] Feels a bit unfair that he’s getting all this fanfare just because he’s a male celebrity… would this have been news worthy if it was a female celebrity?

9. [+1] So cool

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