Influencer Seo Min-jae’s identity catches attention after revelations she “injected meth” with Nam Tae-hyun

Article: “Nam Tae-hyun and I are druggies..” Seo Min-jae and Nam Tae-hyun ran a bar.. ‘Who is she?’

Source: My Daily

Influencer Seo Min-jae (29) is receiving a lot of attention from netizens after exposing Nam Tae-hyun.

She drew attention after revealing a selca with Nam Tae-hyun and claiming that “Nam Tae-hyun is a meth head” and “syringe he used is in the room or office cabinet” and that “he hit her.”

Seo Min-jae became known to the public after appearing in Channel A‘s ‘Heart Signal 3‘, a popular dating reality program and majored in mechanical engineering at Hanyang University

At the time of the broadcast, she surprised viewers by revealing that she worked part-time as mechanic for a large automobile company. She revealed in her introductions, “I’m the first female and college graduate mechanic at our company. I’m an engineer of sorts and my main job is to provide technical support for high level repairs through data analysis.”

In addition, she also participated in ‘2018 Miss University‘, ‘2019 Miss Gyeongbuk‘ and ‘2019 Miss Intercontinental Korea‘ metropolitan area pageants. 

She also ran a cafe and bar with Nam Tae-hyun in Yongsan-gu, Seoul last year. 

Meanwhile, Nam Tae-hyun’s agency stated “they’re checking facts” regarding Seo Min-jae’s “drug abuse” revelations that are causing controversy. 

  1. [+565, -8] Physiognomy is truly a science.  
  2. [+443, -5] She probably posted it while high on drugs? Anyway, police investigations are the priority here. Let’s start with a drug test. 
  3. [+257, -5] Ugh, Seo Min-jae really messed up her life.
  4. [+247, -2] It’s clear these two are messed up and got into something big. Police need to hurry up and open investigations before they begin destroying evidence. No sane person would pull a prank like that. They’re completely exposing themselves. 
  5. [+129, -0] She wrote the post so weirdly, her sentences were all over the place. She was probably high on drugs when she uploaded it. 
  6. [+116, -0] Nam Tae-hyun still has fans? Who knew there were so many pigs out in the world.
  7. [+99, -3] Seo Min-jae seemed to be a smart one but then she got some plastic surgery and started posting pictures looking gaunt with dead eyes. I thought she had caught the celebrity disease but it was drugs all along. 
  8. [+79, -0] Never realized that our country was filled to the brim with drugs like this. Drug laws are urgently needed.
  9. [+72, -1] Hyundai is definitely going to kick her out over this… there’s no way they’ll let this go in a society like ours. 
  10. [+54, -1] Looks like they were both high when she posted it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. This is why people said that Nam Tae-hyun’s physiognomy is a science. His actions are a mirror image of his looks ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  11. [+52, -1] Who is he really and why is he always in scandals? He hasn’t had one single hit since leaving WINNER and now he’s a druggie? Is life so easy to him? Aigoo.. amazing. There’s nothing you can do with someone like him. 
  12. [+21, -3] Are we sure they aren’t dating? Why would she put up pictures like that together?
  13. [+14, -0] What is the prosecution doing? They should be conducting a blood test on Nam Tae-hyun and taking body hairs ㅋㅋ

Additional source: My Daily, Joongang Ilbo

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