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1st place Jungkook & NewJeans (9 votes)

3rd place BTS (4 votes)

4th place IVE (3 votes)

5th place Seventeen (2 votes)

Blackpink, Stray Kids, ATEEZ, im Youngwoong, Fifty Fifty (1 vote each)

32 people who participated in the survey

General Director Go Giho (IN NEXT TREND) Director of External Cooperation, Kim Seonho (JYP Entertainment) Director Kim Sook-kyung (Jellyfish Entertainment) General Manager Kim Yong-seup (FNC Entertainment) CRO Kim Ji-won  (SM Entertainment) CEO Kim Jinwon (RBW) President Park Jang-geun (Yuehua Entertainment) Executive Producer (One Hundred) CEO Bang Yoon-tae (Wake One) Director Bang Jae-hyuk (KQ Entertainment) Director Yang Moon-young (YG Entertainment) Director Yang Hyun-ok (C-JeS Entertainment) Director Oh Si-yong (T.O.P. Media) Director Yeon Han-jun (Think Entertainment) Director Im Woochung (Woollim Entertainment) Director Won Geun-yeon (Maru Planning) CEO Wi Myeong-hee (We Entertainment) CEO Lee Dong-hyeong (Abyss Company) Lee Director Seong-yong Lee (At Area) Director Lee Yong-hwan (The Black Label) Lee In-gyu Director (Antenna) Lee Jong-hyun CEO Lee Ji-hyun (Superbell Company) Head of Division (Starship Entertainment) Director Lee Hae-jong (DSP Media) Vice President Lim Seung-chae (WM Entertainment) Vice President Jeon Seung-hwi (Cube Entertainment) CEO Jeon Hong-jun (Attrakt) Director Jeong Jin-ho (Hybe) Vice President Choi Sung-pil (IST Entertainment) Director Choi Soo-ri (BrandNew Music) Tiger JK  (Feel Good Music) Director Hwang Sang-hoon (C9 Entertainment)

1. Looks like it’s KookJeans everywhere

2. Bangtan💜

3. Jungkookie💖

4. Hybe is the biggest trend this year

5. Jungkook💜 Bangtan 💜

6. Wow what’s up with NewJeans’s vigor 

7. Even if BTS isn’t there, they’re there ㅋ As expected, they’re another level 

Jungkookie will be unrivaled in 2025

8. The bunnies are saving the world 🐰

9. As expected, Jungkook is #1!!!

10. NewJeans and Jungkook congrats congrats

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